Head Megablast    1.25


The Head Megablast is a consistent string with surprising durability

Multifilament center core with co-polymer braided mulitfilament wraps. Slightly textured Carbon Co-polymer coating producing a highly elastic “snap-back” string that delivers Maximum Power

Ashaway Supernick ZX Micro 1.15


Ashaway Superkill XL original is the best selling racketball string in the world. 

Powerful and durable with a fantastic feel – It is used at the very highest level of the game.

Nylon multifilament core and unique braided surface offers all players superb feel and durability.

Ashaway powerkill 17 1.25


Ashaway PowerKill is a superior power string which has been introduced for top players. Offering superior feel, control and tension stability. PowerKill features a multifilament nylon core and uses Power Filament Technology to create strength, durability, maximum power and tension stability. A great string also for power players and string breakers.

Replacement Racketball Grommets


Missing grommets? No problem! We can order replacements for you, however this will extend the turnaround time as they will only be ordered on request

Karakal PU Supergrip 


Fitted Free on request

the Karakal PU Super Grip still remains the No.1 PU Super Grip for all racket sport players.